Classic Bikini Period Panties - Blue

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Work towards ZERO waste and adopt a new lifestyle with our Leak Proof Menstrual Panties.

Save the environment and say goodbye to disposable sanitary products that are full of plastics and harmful chemicals that end up in landfill. 

Our Best Selling Classic Bikini Menstrual panties will not only save the planet but also save you money! 

Did you know women spend an average of $7000 on disposable menstrual products through their lifetime?

Hello Gaia menstrual panties are a perfect alternative to disposable sanitary products, so click "Add To Cart" to stop wasting money and polluting the environment today!

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Why Choose Hello Gaia Menstrual Panties

HIGH ABSORPTION: Our Period Panties will absorb 15-20mL of liquid which is equivalent to 2 tampons or disposal sanitary pads!

SAVE THE PLANET: Hello Gaia panties are Eco-Friendly - 100% reusable and washable, which will help reduce the impact on the environment. 

CONFIDENCE & COMFORT: Super comfortable fit and breathable fabric that feels like your regular panties and underwear. 

NATURAL MATERIALS: Made with bamboo fibers which has high absorption, anti-odor and moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and prevent any embarrassing moments.

SAVE MONEY: Our leakproof underwear are long-lasting with average lifespan of 3 years, which saves you money and the environment. 

    For women with heavy flow, you may also use our period panties together with our reusable menstrual pads for added protection and confidence. 

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      • Quantity: 1/3/5/7/10 pairs of Leak-proof period underwear

        Suitable flows: Light, medium and heavy flow.

        Color: Blue

        Materials: 70% bamboo fibers and 30% Viscose (natural artificial silk)

        Sizes: S to 6XL (See Size guide)

        Machine washable

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